Sunday, August 15, 2004

Celebrating Mom's Birthday in NYC - August 14, 2004

What a fun night this was! especially after a day of running around doing errands back in NJ, such as buying really cheap magazine holders at IKEA, getting Brian fitted for his tux for Karl and Tonya's wedding, and finally picking up proofs from our wedding.

Elmer and Hoong-San did a very nice job coordinating everything. After nixing the Indian restaurant idea (in prep for our trip to India in October), they made reservations at Birdland, where the food is as tasty as the jazz. The reservations were early so we didn't end up stuffing ourselves when the Lee Konitz Trio took to the stage at 9pm.

Mom, Brian and I awaiting the Lee Konitz Trio at Birdland

Elmer, Hoong-San and Dad waiting for the main course to arrive

After a fantastic set, we all headed off for some more music AND dancing at Swing 46 which luckily was only a couple blocks away since it was raining. The live band rocked as they performed a good mix of swing and fox trot.

Elmer and Hoong-San doing the jitterbug

The fox trot was wasted on Brian and me since we could never quite get the "swing" of it. But Mom and Dad took full advantage of it.

Mom and Dad looking so suave

Brian thought the place reminded him of the scene in "Swingers" where Mike (Jon Favreau) whips out his swing skills with Heather Graham. Even the booth we sat in looked similar. There was a whole range of dancers there, from beginners to the competitive. Some of them even wore 50's style clothes, although it didn't fare well with some of them. Speaking of which, I had my own wardrobe malfunction. Wearing a loosely cinched tube top is not the best thing, especially twirling and moving around so quickly. So after its falling off somewhat, from the announcement of my family watching, I had to wear my hoodie, which I didn't enjoy since it felt like 100 degrees in the dance area.

Elmer taking Mom for a spin

Brian and I putting our lessons to good use

after a couple of drinks and a couple hours of dancing

I think we left close to 1am and headed back home to Jersey where we ate cake and ice cream and gave our mom her gifts, a book by Dean Koontz and really kinda random Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2 dvds.

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