Monday, August 25, 2008

New Addition to the Big Apple Dumpling Gang


On Thursday, August 21st, I officially decided to participate in the 2008 Reach the Beach Relay, running from Franconia Notch to Hampton Beach State Park in New Hampshire. (That's 209.6 miles! divided among 11 in our team)

The thing is is that the relay starts on Friday, September 12th and ends Saturday, September 13th. That leaves only 3 weeks of training - yikes! And not hitting the gym since I pulled a muscle back in June, I had a lot to catch up on.

That mentality did not bode well with my body as I would soon find out and am feeling right now.

I ran an hour on the treadmill in the gym this past Friday and attempted the "Big" loop in Central Park - 6.0273 miles yesterday, which was an official organized group run with the team, team Big Apple Dumpling Gang (Jessica, Francis, Kevin - captain, Betsy, Elias, Gene, Joanne, Hoong-San, Elmer, Harry, and myself).

Brian also ran the loop as he's training for the Philly Distance Run (half marathon) which is a week after the relay, so although there was another spot on the team to make it 12, he opted out since he thought it would be best to run so much before the half.

The 10:30am run started around 10:50am as we waited for Elmer and Hoong-San to arrive, and then we were off.

I ran along with Hoong-San who was closer to my pace than anyone else. We took it easy, and had to stop less than a mile in since HS's calves were bothering her, so I showed her some stretches. A little further on, Kevin, who plans to eventually run a marathon in each state, runs back to check on us, which is pretty awesome.

I didn't even look at a map of the run nor did any research, so when the aptly named "Heartbreak Hill" stared back at me, I was like, "you've got to be kidding". We made it partway up before I decided I had to walk. Did I mention that it was a pretty hot 82 degrees yesterday? Fortunately there was a water fountain halfway to the top. Unfortunately, I had to use the bathroom. Where's a map when you need one.

Ah, tennis courts. There had to be a bathroom near there. We took a bit of a detour walking an unpaved path around the numerous courts and finally reached the public bathroom. By this time, everyone had finished or was close to finishing. HS had her iPhone and tried giving an update to let everyone know our status. What a relief! Now I can run more comfortably, yay!

After discovering that we run better by not conversing with each other and knowing that HS and Elmer have tango lessons at 1pm, HS plugged her earphones in, and we ran towards the end separately.

There is this point when the buildings of Columbus Circle come into view, and it's a beautiful sight - the home stretch. I made a valiant effort of finishing strong as I see the rest of the team waiting and stretching on the side. HS had stopped to down a bottle of gatorade, so she finished not too long after me.

We then treated ourselves to much needed Jamba Juice (3G Energizer - yum!) before heading to the New York Sports Club to shower. my legs are mush. Too much, too fast.

Not good.

At least there's some light at the end of the tunnel. Kevin sent our leg assignments today:

Trouble the Water

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008:

What a nice coincidence! Not only did we just find out about Trouble the Water from Dave Alcaro, we took advantage of our being in the city this weekend and decide to catch an opening weekend showing at the IFC Center, and who do we bump into on our way in...Dave Alcaro!

(doesn't that guy on the left look like Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead? although it can't be him unless he wanted to spend a day in NYC between tour dates in Cali)

He's actually one of the producers of the film, so he's been promoting it like mad, and it was awesome being able to catch up with him.

This is one of the best films of the year - unbelievable, in your face, moving, tragic yet uplifting, inspirational. The footage is ridiculous and alarming. You're literally thrown in and get to witness the struggle of Katrina survivors from a viewpoint most people haven't gotten a chance to see, and as awful as the actual hurricane ended up being, handling the aftermath was even worse. But Kimberly Rivers Roberts, one of the main subjects, possesses a level of honesty and strength that only one could hope to have during such a catastrophe.

We were fortunate see a showing with a Q & A session after the film. From left to right: IFC host, director and producer Tia Lessin, director and producer Carl Deal, editor and co-producer Woody Richman

Trouble the Water website

Now go and see the film!!

Kim & Haidee's Shower

Saturday, August 23rd 2008: at Alice's Tea Cup on East 64th Street

Congrats to Kim & Haidee! It was so nice seeing and catching up with them, the rest of the family, soon to be family, and the bridal party. Can't wait to go to each of their weddings!! Although the room was a bit cramped (ie. one pov shots), we had a fun time with the games (Q&A, items in purse, memory) and little sandwiches, cakes, and variety of teas. The bridal party definitely kicked some butt, and we were beginning to think there was a conspiracy.