Monday, December 18, 2006

A New Decade: Welcome to the Thirties

Saturday, December 16, 2006: Ruby (12/16) & Brian's (12/17) 30th Birthday

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Thanks so much to everyone who came out to celebrate, with a special thanks to those who traveled from Jersey and NY:
Mom & Dad, Elmer & Hoong-San, Eric De La Cruz, Jackie, Maria, Geoff & Sabrina, Kim & Dan, Mark & Jess, Rafa & Simone, Eric Diebold, Jon Birge, Andrew, Jess Watkins, Loren & Jason, Sam & Emy, Jim Carey, Prakriti & Dinesh, Cleber & Carla, Tobias & Katja, Amy & Ryan, Bola, Hobie & Jen

We had a blast, and hope you all did, too. Here are some photos. Click to enlarge.

3:00pm: At Carlos Cucina Italiana

4:20pm: Walking to the MFA

7:23pm: Our evening venue: Felt

My favorite dish was the Lump Crab Cakes, and apparently having an "s" at the end does not mean more than one.

~9:30pm: With our usual lateness, we finally make it up to the 2nd floor billiards.

The first shot of the night:

~11:45pm: Dance dance dance! At the Club on the 4th Floor.

The only ten polaroids that came out, quite literally...stupid polaroid camera

Midnight - Happy Birthday, Brian!

"How much more do I have to spend?!"

Pricey champagne anyone? (Perrier Jou√ęt, Rose, Fleur de Champagne)

"I'm bringing sexy back..." "Yep"

2:21am: Heading out to...

I - HOP! (2:52am)

That sure hit the spot...

Thanks again!