Thursday, November 11, 2004

Our new home

What a week!

After deciding to move to a less expensive abode, we found a place in just a few days and the next thing we knew, we were moving...down the street. Yes, our new residence resides just a couple blocks from our old. And though still amidst the throngs of BU students, we enjoy living in a yellow 3-family house.

Thanks to Eric and Svacha (that's Jeff), we accomplished moving our big and heavy furniture in less than 5 hours (! - much longer than expected), including our atrociously heavy HDTV, which was carried first between Eric and Brian and then Brian and Svacha. We only had one small accident that occured with the very LAST box, with which the bottom gave out and spilling its insides onto the street.

We have many many things, so many that moving took the course of a week - a few preliminary van loads and lugging things by hand before moving most of the big things with a truck and the boys. We are inundated with white storage boxes! It's a good thing that our new place has lots of storage areas, so most of our junk could get tucked away. But we're going to get rid of the things we no longer want, hopefully with the help of ebay.

Since getting the new TV, we never got an acceptable stand for it. This past weekend with the help of, we found someone who bought and delivered our new stand from IKEA, instead of our having to rent a car and drive down to New Haven ourselves. We made quite a project of assembling it since Brian decided to reinforce the stand's strength and its ability to hold a heavy load.

You can see the back of the stand on the left, and on the right, the TV is lying on its glass on a bean bag, showing the top:

Brian giving his thumbs up on the process:

And ta da...the finished product:

Now for the rest of the apartment...

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