Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar Night - February 27, 2005

By this time each year, we manage to see most of the films nominated in the big categories, but we regret that we never did get a chance to see Ray before the show. We will see it eventually. We also missed an opportunity to watch some of the nominees of the Documentary Short category last week, but in a few weeks from now, we'll get a chance to see seven of the ten nominated Short Films, both Animated and Live Action - just can't wait! (although it would have been nice to see them before the Oscars)

In our annual quest to predict the most winners, this year we added a little spice by joining an online contest through, hoping to win an entertainment system, even with the HDTV we already own.

But alas, out of 24 categories these are the results:

Ruby - 18 correct
Brian - 13 correct

So, there's no chance of us winning. Last time I checked, someone had 21 correct. Que sera sera...

Chris Rock was so brutally comedic in the opening, it was hard not to cringe...but it made for great entertainment. And what changes they made to the show!? They could consider starting it earlier, like 7:30pm EST if they're so worried about the length. Having to go up on stage and seeing the film community give you recognition is such a once in a lifetime chance, it's such a shame that some of the categories didn't get to experience it.

On a lighter note, we wanted to give a special thanks to cousin Eric for thinking of us and sending us our own supply of Oscar cookies for the show...YUM YUM!

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