Monday, August 01, 2005

"...that's Shakespeare in the Park..."

Thursday, July 28, 2005

What a fun performance! We've been to very few outdoor theatrical performances, although we did walk by last year's Much Ado About Nothing which I've seen the movie version numerous times and is one of my favorites, and I just couldn't sit and watch without directly comparing it to the movie and concluding that the movie was much better. This year though, Hamlet is the featured play, and we decided to make a picnic out of it. The weather was gorgeous, and Elmer, Hoong-San and I arrived at the Commons early to stake out a spot for about 9 of us. Good thing we brought large blankets, but with just the three of us there saving a large area, I was getting a bit antsy as more people surrounded us. Of course, the rest of the gang showed up, and with food, no less, from Felipe's - yum! The play was done well, and although it was long, the design and execution was rather unique and interesting to keep us awake through the whole thing. Look forward to next year's!

Where's Simone?

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