Saturday, October 22, 2005


Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

Well, The All-American Rejects make a third appearance in our blog this year, this time performing a free concert during the Head of the Charles Regatta, along with other bands. Their set list included in no particular order:

First Album:
Swing, Swing
My Paper Heart
One More Sad Song
Your Star
Last Song (...their last song)

New Album:
Move Along
Top of the World
Dirty Little Secret

The weather was cloudy and cold, being in the high 40's by the time I got to the stage area (the temp had been falling from the 60's, and it was only 3pm). Luckily it didn't start raining hard until after the show was over.

Tyson had his usual stage presence, but this time it was a little more, how do you say, ridiculous. He wore a bomber jacket which he then proceeded to take off and rub between his legs before throwing it into the crowd. Those who caught it fought over it for a while since he mentioned it a song or two later. Girls were throwing random items on stage, a glove, a hat, a...bra, all of which were removed during the performance so that no one would get hurt (ie. tripping), but Tyson went to the collection and wore the hat and proudly displayed the black bra. He also had the crowd at his mercy, pretending he was pulling the drawstring of a doll, at which when he let go, the crowd...okay, the girls would swoon. He did it several times thereafter. It was hilarious and embarrassing to be a part of that. Brian was thinking twice about being there.

The crowd wasn't tremendously large, so we were able to see them pretty well. At the end, I heard some banter among the audience saying that they were pretty good, it being the first time they saw them.

Good for them. I'm happy they're doing so well and getting lots of airtime both on the radio and on tv ("Move Along" is played in the Waiting (with Ryan Reynolds) trailer). Although it would have been the third time this year, I wish we could see them in concert with Rooney (Jason Schwartzman's (Rushmore, Shop Girl) brother (Princess Diaries) is the lead singer), but it would have been more for hearing Rooney. I admit, I can't get enough of listening to AAR. I'm such a groupie.

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