Saturday, December 09, 2006

OK, Go Scissor Sisters!

As funny as Tenacious D was/could have been if I could hear them better, I didn't quite want to end the year on that show, and therefore, we have the late addition to our concert repetoire to close out 2006: OK GO & Scissor Sisters on Friday, December 8th at Avalon, no less.

Most of the crowd in front of us were there to see Scissor Sisters, so I wish OK GO had gotten more love when they performed, because they were super enteraining. Also, there was plenty of room on the dance floor...the lead singer, Damian, actually went to the middle of the floor amongst the audience during one of the songs, with tons of space around him.

We were so close to the stage that whenever they would look over our way, they could definitely see us not knowing the words/singing along. It felt a bit awkward, enough to not want to look them in the eye. (gulp) I love venues like that...

Their finale: "A Million Ways". This was quite the crowd pleaser.

I actually wanted to see the Scissor Sisters when they performed at the Opera House (or was it the Orpheum) a couple months ago, but this was probably the best venue for them...a club. Quite the spicy bunch they were with all their stories and unabashed political views. They were full of energy, and the crowd not only felt it but joined in. There was one guy who knew every single word to every song in front of me just going nuts. Near the end, one fan threw their sweater onstage and Jake, lead singer practically in nothing, wears it for an entire song, and this is a rather woolly sweater. After the song, Jake gave the fan back his sweat-soaked sweater. Another happy customer.

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