Thursday, September 14, 2006

Stoked about the Strokes

After a fun, if not exhausting, trip to Chicago and Michigan, we return to Boston and see The Strokes in concert Tuesday, September 12th, back again at the Bank of America Pavillion. This concert was kind of a "oh let's just go" since I bought the tickets just a couple weeks ago, contingent on getting decent seats (I have a very interesting way of making sure they're good). We had aisle seats on the left side, so we could see pretty well, even with the two towers in front of me, since I could just inch my way into the aisle whenever they were in the way. Also we had a great view of these two tall, thin dancing women who looked like they were slowly convulsing or dry heaving in slow mo as they danced the entire time.

Anyways, Wolfmother opens for them, and that performance was okay. Can't say I was truly into it, but then again, I felt like the sound that night was a off, really drowning out the vocals several times. That was unfortunate because I thought that took away from the entire concert overall. We didn't enjoy it as much as Snow Patrol, but I think if I knew the songs better, it would have been good since I've been listening to them more after-the-fact, and I really like some of their songs on the new album. "Last Nite" was probably their best performance especially since it was practically the only song that really sounded like the recorded version. Everyone was totally into it as well. I tried leaving "12:51" on our machine back home, but nothing, absolutely nothing got recorded except for a couple static sounds. That sucked. It was the first song we used on our homepage way back when.

Set List
Iza of the World
The Way It Is
Red Light
The Modern Age
Heart in a Cage
Killing Lies
You Only Live Once
New YorkCityCops
Is This It
Hard to Explain
Last Nite
Ask Me Anything
Vision of Division

Barely Legal
Walk on the Wild Side
Take It or Leave It

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