Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's a Bloc Party!

Wednesday, March 28th 2007 - Orpheum Theatre in Boston

Sorry for the lack of content, but I'm writing this quite a bit later...

Sebastien Grainger

Albert Hammond Jr.

is also a guitarist for The Strokes but is doing a solo tour until the spring. I only learned that fact after the concert, but since I really enjoyed the sound, I got myself a t-shirt. There was one fan who just couldn't contain himself, so he made his way to the stage and got on it. BUT the huge security folk literally had him grasping and clawing the stage as they pulled him by his legs back off the stage. He was relentless trying to get back on, and the security just pounced on him and dragged him away. A tall and lanky guy versus not-as-tall but 3 huge guys. Albert even took notice, saying to take it easy on the guy, who unfortunately couldn't enjoy the rest of the show.

Kele, the lead singer, was urging the crowd to go wild and crazy. For many of the shows we've been to, it seems the bands think Boston somehow has a reputation for having crazy concertgoers, but I still haven't seen it. Maybe it's just the venue. But at the very end, two young guys managed to break through to the stage, dance a bit on the side, and then approach Kele, who welcomed them at first, but when one of the guys put his arm around him, Kele shrugged it off.

Song For Clay
Positive Tension
Blue Light
Hunting For Witches
Waiting for the 7:18
I Still Remember
This Modern Love
The Prayer
So Here We Are
Like Eating Glass

Sunday - (2 drum sets)
She's Hearing Voices

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