Monday, September 17, 2007

Back in Boston, er Cambridge!

Friday, September 14th 2007

Our first time back in our old neighborhood! Brian is literally smiling from ear to ear since arriving into town. "The destination of this train is Brrrrraaaaainnntrrrreeee." Actually it's not, but we were always amused by that.

Harvard Square, it's a strange but good feeling being back. Definitely surreal. We're waiting for Rafa, our weekend host, to give us a lift to his bed & breakfast.

It's been almost four years since we've been back to Rafa and Simone's place, not since December 2003 when they threw a partay. Their bedroom now used to be the dancing room.
Instead of learning more fab tango moves, Simone was home to greet us. We all sat down and caught up a bit over some wine and beer as well as some almonds, cheese and delicious tilapia.

We decided to just go see the rest of the gang at Kevin and Sarah's apartment warming partay instead of waiting to meet in Harvard Square,

but once we got to their place, we were ovewhelmed at the door by those heading out to Harvard Square. Those being Svacha, Bree, Diebold, Jess, Anya, Kevin, Sarah and a couple of their friends. What a lively bunch! with the usual suspects in prime form.

In an amazing coincidence, we run into Birge and Michelle in Harvard Square! Fun!! And at the same time, lose Svacha and Bree who both go on a quest to find Jason at Dudley House.

It's funny how this weekend becomes a first of several things for us, such as this being the first time we go to Redline, and when we walk in, I can see why: super-crowded meat market. In any case, we head to the back tables which weren't being used and was much quieter. Time to catch up, talk shop and do some scheming.

A few rounds later and having enough of Redline, we decide to go to Grafton Street, but once inside, with no room at the bar, and sitting at a lame table inside with no intention of ordering food, we leave to go next door to the never-dull, late-night staple Hong Kong.

The first and only time I've had food here was WAY back when, on the night of Thursday, July 31st 2003, hanging out with the Mazur group for the very first time, and involved me, Brian, Jim, Michael, and Luke...and some guy from Columbia, but in any case, we ended up having some crab rangoons that night, among other things.

Geez, that was SO long ago, but it was quite the memorable night and a rather representative sneak peek into the fun times ahead with the Mazur group.

Well, back to the present, the Kong has made quite the renovations since we were there last. The first floor was rather swanky-fied. We were reunited with Svacha and Bree, who were quite disappointed in spending the past hour or so looking for Jason with no success.

"Enjoying" a suffering bastard:

Awwww! The newly settled couple.

We ended up having a rather filling late night dinner which included such items as pu pu platter, lo mein and sesame chicken. Good thing we could walk it off returning to Rafa and Simone's place

Saturday, September 15th 2007: Matt & Tina's Wedding - Congratulations!

Before heading out to the festivities, Brian, Rafa and I take a journey back to the lab, where that pesky building next door that was always under construction is now finally finished, and had been since just after commencement.

This little video is for those late night folks:

Sunday, September 16th 2007:

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