Monday, November 12, 2007

Family Day at Millersville

Saturday, November 10th 2008:

We drive up to visit Sarah at Millersville, which happens to be Family Day on campus, and meet up with Brian's parents as well. As we got closer to campus, I loved seeing the countryside, the fields of green, the silos, and the livestock. We were essentially in Pennsylvania Dutch country, Amish country.

After we all met up at Sarah's dorm, we went to a small cafe for lunch, where Brian and I both get their hearty chili and some Boylan's wild cherry. It was good, but once I got it, I thought about the number it could do on my stomach later, especially since I had a job that night back in Baltimore.

Sarah took us on a tour of the campus, stopping briefly to watch the football game in progress.

Wish the weather was warmer for I could imagine the duck pond area being very cool to hang around. Sarah's favorite: Brownie, the only duck with its distinctive look

After the tour, we headed to the gift shop, perusing all the different Millersville clothing. I got a cross country t-shirt in honor of Sarah being on the team, and Brian a hooded zipper sweatshirt. We did spend quite some time in the store and needing a boost for the drive, I bought a frappuccino.

Sarah's room, still decorated in the spirit of Halloween

After I took off for Baltimore, they celebrated Sarah's 20th birthday with dinner and a cake. I would have much preferred to stick around for that, but I had fun at my assignment and met some interesting folk as well.

I got back around midnight, trying to catch the free food the students were giving out in the cafeteria which Sarah had mentioned earlier. Starving, I piled my plate high with scrambled eggs and some tots. I did feel a bit guilty for doing that, but one of the students said that all the food has to be eaten or it'll get thrown out, so I felt better for being a pig. We met some of Sarah's teammates, and everyone seemed so young. We were definitely feeling our age.

We hung out in her room watching the America's Top Model marathon on MTV (or was it VH1) until we fell asleep.

Sunday, November 11th 2008:

The following day was quite the opposite of the day before: gorgeous and sunny. After rolling out of the futon, we went to the main cafeteria to have some good eats, courtesy of Sarah. I did notice that there weren't many students on campus, and it was due to the fact that many of the students commute from home. We sat at a table next to Sarah's teammates, filling up on eggs again and some fruit. I didn't take a photo of it, but I was mesmerized by the motorized contraption that held the trays after you were done eating.

Sarah's school was near a bunch of outlet stores, and we tried to find Brian some good running shoes with no luck, but he did manage to buy several button down's for work, Sarah found a good pair of jeans and a cheaper than expected belt, and I found some nice shirts for both work and for fun. It was a rather successful shopping trip. I even got to hang out with Spidey for a bit.

Because it was getting late, we couldn't go to Outback Steakhouse as we had planned to, having driven by it earlier, but we did stop to pick up some hoagies near Franklin & Marshall, not too far from Millersville.

It was definitely a fun weekend, and hopefully we'll make it up there again sometime soon.

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