Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jetlag + sickness = matinees

Okay, so after surviving our trip to the Philippines and then both of us getting very ill soon thereafter, the sickest I've been in a while, lasting practically 2 weeks, we did experience a bit of an upside: jetlag

While the jetlag + sickness hit Brian the hardest since he told me he wanted to get home as fast as he could so that he wouldn't fall asleep while driving, and that it didn't help with getting much restful sleep in the early stages, it did help us catch up on some movies on the weekends. (oh, and it also helped Brian get to work super early so he could come home early as well)

I guess the sickness is more of a side note, since our movie craze hit on the last few days of recovery. Essentially, we easily woke up on both Saturday and Sunday mornings and caught the first shows of both days. These were lazy days as we weren't feeling up for doing much, and having two movie theatres within a 5 minute walk made it that much easier. And so we ended up seeing 6 movies in 4 days, mixing up indies with mainstream.

Saturday, January 12th: Juno (quite awesome and entertaining) + I Am Legend (starts off good...)

Sunday, January 13th: Atonement (too much hype, good but wish it was better)

With the Bethesda Row Cinema, we discovered that they offered free bagels and coffee - awesome! - before the first showing, so we happily took advantage of that.

Another sweet discovery was The Original Pancake House, also within a 5 minute walk from our place, within 10 from the theatres. We've both seen the sign for it before, but never made it in until we had the urge for some breakfast food after the matinees.

Pancake House was so appropriately named, for their pancakes were deee-licious! (see photos below) And there was always a crowd at the entrance waiting to be seated.

My first chocolate chip pancakes were as every bit as good as they sound.

Apartment-hunting the following weekend...

Saturday, January 26th: Cloverfield (ok, this wasn't a true first show matinee - loved it btw)

Sunday, January 27th: No Country For Old Men (sooo terrifyingly good and better than Atonement for Best Picture) + 27 Dresses (yup, had to squeeze in a chick flick in)

Banana pancakes and French toast this time around. The French toast was good, but I wish I had gotten the choco chip pancakes again, although half the serving.

I guess the one good thing about discovering about the Pancake House late was that we probably would have gained not just a few pounds but several if we ate their regularly. Granted our eating habits have not been the most healthy lately, resorting to take out, or delivery rather, quite often due to being sick and then lazy as a result of it.

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