Monday, March 31, 2008

Skiing and Zombies

It's only the second weekend we've had since moving up to CT that we've had sunshine both Saturday and Sunday - yay! (no surprise though, it's actually cloudy/raining outside right now)

Saturday, March 29th 2008:

Brian reads "World War Z" as we wait for Elmer and Anna Rae to arrive. Later that night we treat ourselves to some Luna's pizza - mushroom and sausage, and some "homemade" fudge brownies while watching "Dawn of the Dead", Elmer's first showing, Anna Rae's second, Brian and my...well, we've seen it several times.

Sunday, March 30th 2008:

So much for getting up early...we all slowly rise out of bed around 9:30am, and as if we were a bed and breakfast, Brian so nicely prepared breakfast that consisted of his signature scrambled eggs and perfectly cooked bacon, accompanied by some toast that Elmer and Anna Rae both put butter and jam on (I thought that was interesting...I usually opt for one or the other). Not being able to find some decent Sunday morning tunes on the radio, we listened to a string version of The Killers.

We fiddled around on the internet trying to find a decent priced slope, and Anna Rae came up with Wachusett Mountain that had some discounted late season rates for lift tickets and rentals.

so off we go...passing Worcester during the day for the first time ever, stopping by Dunkin Donuts for Anna Rae's much needed coffee, and discussing the curiosity of why no one's ever filmed a giant squid and Elmer's strange reaction as if he'd been waiting for some time for someone to bring the topic up.

After our second run, we waited at the bottom for Elmer and Anna Rae, but they didn't show. So we hopped on the lift, and sure enough, we see Anna Rae sitting on the snow, and Elmer heading down the slope to get help.

pit stop at a CT fave locale: John Harvard's

Anna Rae's swollen knee (on the left):

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