Sunday, January 04, 2009

The elements of gambling in 7 minutes

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009:

We took a trip out to the eastern part of CT to visit the Pequot museum as well as Foxwoods and MGM Grand, where Sarah experienced everything there is to gambling for the first time in a casino, being at the young ripe age of 21.

Cliff donated a five dollar bill for this experience, as we were all disappointed that the slot machines no longer accepted coins nor one dollar bills nor gave the winnings out in loud coin clanking noises. Brian chose a nice simple $1 machine where on first spin, Sarah won $15 - whoo hoo!

deciphering the winnings (notice the 3 winning bars)

deciding what to do - keep playing or cash out?

play another round or two

cash out still on top

decide to play again...

until there are no more credits left

and ta-dah...all the elements of gambling in 7 minutes.

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