Sunday, June 14, 2009

A "typical" Friday night in NYC

Friday, June 12th 2009:

Catch Ida Maria at Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel
- one of my worst show experiences: music was good, but I really needed my earplugs for this. I was in the front row, sandwiched between two obnoxious women - one was tall and blocked my view most of the time, because she was on my right (and I had to look right to see Ida Maria sing) and she had a camera glued to her face and wouldn't let up; the other insisted on whistle-blowing, you know the two-finger, extremely loud kind, at the end of each song right into my left ear...literally since she wasn't much taller than me. Fudge! My left eardrum became mush...and still is. Grrrr

Take the A to pick up the car downtown by Church & Thomas, drive to 1st and 1st and have dinner at Marfa with Elmer, Hoong-San & David just after 10:30pm.

Walk to The Pyramid Club for 80's night around 12:15am. HS fell asleep at the end of dinner, so Elmer and HS took off, while David and I danced, somewhat begrudgingly, to the 80's until around 2:45am. The DJ actually REALLY sucked - playing consecutive songs by the same artist, playing songs from artists we've already (and just recently) heard from, and playing the entire song - not mixing songs...except for when he played "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics - he actually stopped the song in the middle and changed it to another. Ugh, where did they get this guy, and he was using a laptop - how do you mess that up?

The place was so dark that we didn't mind going on the stage in the back, which gave us a fun perspective without being self-conscious about dancing. Interestingly enough, as it got later into the night, more lights ended up being turned on. And gender lines became increasingly blurred. I almost felt like I could blend in with my purple Pete Yorn shirt...

After hearing yet another Whitney Houston song, we decided to leave.

I had the pleasure of finally meeting David's boisterous dogs (I already forgot their names) and one of them gave me a "kiss" on the lips (ewww!) - even David doesn't like when the dogs do that to him. But they're adorable nonetheless.

And then off to home in NJ, late (or early) enough to hear those birds chirping as I pull into the driveway...

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