Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mumford and Sons

Tuesday, November 16th 2010:

Yet another great concert! minus the behemoth that pretty much annoyed the hell out of Brian and Cliff whom we treated tickets to the show $$$ (yup, not face value this time). Terminal 5 certainly over sells their tickets because that place was beyond packed, with absolutely no room to move or even to retreat to the back - every inch was filled with a body. If possible, avoid going there or at least get there early and secure a spot on the balcony...

wee burgers!

In no rush from our dinner stop at Lincoln Park, we did miss King Charles, and when they came out on stage later, I wished we did get a chance to witness, let alone hear, their set...(see photo below). Cadillac Sky definitely warmed the audience up for a great night of folk music.

Good thing I was armed with my concert boots, for there was no way we were going to get close to the stage, and as usual, we attract the tallest people in the venue, so lots of searching for the best view, usually shifting back and forth to see the stage through people's heads.

Cadillac Sky with Marcus Mumford on drums

tidbit of "Sigh No More" opener

1. Sigh No More
2. Roll Away Your Stone
3. Winter Winds
4. White Blank Page
5. Below My Feet
6. Timshel
7. Gave You All
8. Little Lion Man

the behemoth is the large guy jumping up and down with dark brown curly hair around the :20s mark

9. Lover of the Light
10. Thistle & Weeds
11. Broken Crown
12. Awake My Soul
13. Feel the Tide
14. Dust Bowl

Mumford & Sons joined by Cadillac Sky

Mumford & Sons joined by Cadillac Sky AND King Charles

15. Sister
16. Colab (s) with KC and CS
17. The Cave

I've never really been great with reviews, so here are links for more thoughts, photos and videos:

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