Saturday, January 15, 2011

Neon Trees

Friday, January 14th 2011:

Great show to break in the new year...

Find Vienna...caught the last couple songs of their set, but I was a bit more preoccupied at the merch table (Neon Trees shirts were sold out in my size!) and then trying to find a good spot, so their music unfortunately kinda went in one ear and out the other.

Not the same sitchu with Val Emmich, since we did find a spot near the stage (pretty much near the same spot as the Airborne Toxic Event and Vampire Weekend shows). Really digged the music and his bass/baritone voice. Very melodic. I couldn't help but compare his voice to The National's Matt Berninger's since "Bloodbuzz Ohio" had been on the airwaves earlier. Later at the merch table, I got a t-shirt and a signed CD, complimented him on his set, and then asked him who his major influences are. His reply was "so many" and then turned the question back at me, who I thought his were - yikes! put on the spot, and after a couple seconds later, not surprisingly, The National came out. His response was rather positive, so I'm hoping that it was a compliment for him :)

Now, having brought my step stool instead of my concert boots, I was in little to no danger of anyone blocking my view, BUT I was a bit self-conscious since I didn't know all the words, nor all the songs, so I even slouched a tad when I felt like I was exposed to the audience.

Had no idea how flamboyantly in your face Neon Tree's leader singer, Tyler Glenn, would be. That plus my insecurity made it somewhat intimidating, but the performance felt raw and energetic and definitely hands up. Mohawks were definitely in attendance that night. It wasn't hard to get into the upbeat music...

1. Sins of My Youth - great opening song, pumped up everyone
2. Love and Affection
3. Girls and Boys in School
4. Calling My Name
5. In the Next Room
6. Death of You and Me

the next 3 songs being my favorites, and most well-known, got clumped together
7. Your Surrender
8. Animal
9. 1983

10. Our War

11. Never Tear Us Apart (INXS cover) - surprising addition to the set
12. Farther Down

I actually thought the encore fell a little flat since it ended the show on not quite as high energy as one would normally expect. Glenn even left the stage before the music ended, and according to someone near me, he went to the green room? and watched the end from the window.

"You didn't even give them a good bang at the end of tell them when to clap."
- Antonio Salieri, Amadeus

Really would have liked that big bang...

Brian yet again did not have the greatest experience, getting turned off by all the tweens making out and sometimes even shoving into him in the process. It was an interesting social dynamic - go to a concert and make out the entire time...I guess it's like going to the movies and making out in the back row, but being more public about it...

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