Saturday, November 03, 2012

Post Sandy Lower Manhattan

photo taken on 10.31.2012
11. 02. 2012
This was my first opportunity to do a small tour of lower Manhattan (Chelsea, Flatiron, Gramercy, Greenwich Village and West Village) since Hurricane Sandy hit on Monday, armed with my iPhone and a headlamp (and a p&s, cell phone charger, and a foldable step stool (for a concert later)).
All photos (except above) were taken using Hipstamatic.
The best walking areas were those with constant traffic that illuminated the area with headlights. Otherwise flares and flashlights were the next best thing. Silent moving (and non-moving) silhouettes and pitch-black streets were definitely creepy. Strength in numbers worked great on those dark streets, and when I lingered on the corners, two different women at two different intersections offered walking me down the street with their flashlights when my headlamp was tucked in my pocket.

6:03:20 PM
Firefighters gather on 23rd St close to 8th Ave. Power just came back to the area, and there was speculation as to why at least 6 trucks were at the scene. One person I talked with thought that when the power came back, an appliance was left on that may have caused a smoke detector to go off. Another person thought there might be a gas leak.

6:20:24 PM
One of the few generators I passed by, buzzing away on 23rd between 6th and 7th Ave

6:28:52 PM
Looking south on 5th Ave from just north of 23rd St,
with the Flatiron Building on the right side of the photo

6:34:53 PM
Much needed flares on 22nd and Park Ave

6:36:57 PM
Intersection of 21st and Park Ave, looking south

6:40:52 PM
Looking west on 18th and Park Ave

6:42:16 PM
Union Square lit up and full of vehicles from power companies
 with license plates from DC to Kansas to Missouri

6:47:18 PM
Power on in subway station entrance

6:49:40 PM
One of the many flares lighting up intersections, this one at 15th and Park Ave

7:05:51 PM
I saw the lights come on as I was walking west on 23rd -- cheers abound.
This is the N-R station at 23rd and Broadway.

Before and after shot

Before and after shot

7:41:25 PM
L-F-M-1-2-3 station on the southwest corner of 14th and 6th Ave

7:47:44 PM
Looking south on 6th Ave at 11th St, power back on at One World Trade Center

7:47:53 PM
Sidewalk? What sidewalk? (on the northwest corner looking west at 11th and 6th Ave)

7:51:28 PM
Woman walking west with a flashlight (faint orange glow) ahead of me
on 11th st between 6th and 7th Ave. Red light from flares and
white lights from cars in the distance.

7:55:59 PM
Looking north on 7th Ave and 11th St, the glow of daylight-like Times Square in the distance

7:58:06 PM
The small French wine bar, Vin Sur Vingt on West 11th St,
a beacon of light on an otherwise dark street (flashlight in the distance)

7:59:29 PM
A wider view of Vin Sur Vingt and its surroundings

8:04:13 PM
Barraca on Greenwich Ave was open lit with candles inside and projecting a movie
on a truck parked across the street. I heard a generator buzzing nearby.

8:05:34 PM
I overheard a passerby expressing his disgust that the restaurant was using
a generator to project movies.

8:06:37 PM
Good Restaurant was also open, just seconds up the block

8:09:04 PM
Street signs illuminated by my headlamp

8:10:00 PM
self-portrait in window on Greenwich Ave between West 12th and Jane

8:21:22 PM
Looking southeast from the northwest corner of the intersection
of 14th St and 8th Ave. End of walk around as I hopped on an M20 bus north to 59th St…

Screenshot of walking tour area

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