Monday, June 27, 2005

100 degree heat index and wearing black...

This is just a quick note of complaint.

As much as I love to photograph, having to do so in 100 degree weather was extremely unpleasant this past weekend. Two weddings on Saturday and one on Sunday made for a very busy weekend. But to have them outside, at least for the ceremony part for all three...ugh. Walking around in the heat was bad enough, but adding several pounds of equipment on my shoulders just forced my body to shut its ability to cool down at all. Yes, sweating is part of that process, but for me, it's like an accelerator to sweat even more without having any cooling effect.

Someone throw me a towel...a beach towel.

Wearing black is my usual attire when shooting events, but my shirt refused to stay so. With each drop of sweat that soaked through my shirt, a lovely white line or speckle most appropriately formed during the course of the day on Saturday on which I wore a long-sleeved black button-down shirt and long black pants. Long-sleeves you ask? Well, knowing that I would be outdoors, I preferred to cover my arms from the sun and prevent any sort of weird tan lines. So by the end of the day, I had several white streaks near my collar and on my sleeves. Fantastic.

At least on Sunday, I wore gray pants and a shorter-sleeved black top. Too bad that it wasn't as dry a heat as it was on Saturday. Instead, the wedding, down at the Cape, was in a garden near a lake with mosquitos waiting to feed on us with quite the humid and hazy morning weather upon us.

I guess on the bright side, all three receptions were indoors.

Thank goodness...

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