Saturday, June 11, 2005

Tastings & Michael and Jim's Graduation

Thursday, June 9th

Thursday night out coincided with Harvard's commencement, having two Mazur group graduates participate in the very early morning excercise: Jim Carrey and Michael Sheehy, who had practically zero sleep since flying in on a red-eye just to make it in time to walk. The bunch gathered at the Cambridge Brewing Company for some good if not interesting beers. I was mesmerized by their offering of a "tower" of beer, but our table did not get one, at least not when I was there, leaving earlier than most.

Beforehand, Brian and I went to "A Toast and a Taste", an assignment I photographed, where Brian had a good helping of different wines and food tastings. I waited until I was finished working before I scarfed down some food and drank a glass of wine (a little too quickly, I think). Then Brian suggested we walk to the CBC, thinking it wasn't that far. Well, it turns out that it was VERY far considering that I was carrying my equipment. I asked the all-too-familiar question, "Are we there yet?" several times during the course of our 3-mile walk. It felt so good to finally sit down.

Geoff helping me select a beer. He wasn't too fond of the glass his beer came in.

Therese, looking wonderfully bulbous, is due in just a couple of weeks. They're still deciding on a middle name for Graham...

Michael and Steve in a staring contest.

Congratulations to you both!!

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