Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Joining The Black Parade

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006 7pm: My Chemical Romance at Axis

Two words for this concert: too short

Granted, I'm not a hard core fan, but I really enjoy their music, and their performance was way too short considering how tickets were given out - either by winning on WFNX or waiting in line, first come first serve. So, I did spend quite some time this afternoon on line in the cold. It was a bit ridiculous that I did decided to do this, but at least it wasn't quite as long as camping out for The Seagull, a Shakespeare in the Park play in NYC where we camped out overnight. When I want to do something, I can be very determined...

So, after getting on line, waiting forever, shifting the line, getting a 21+ wristband, getting a hand stamp, urging Brian to get here fast, Brian deciding not to go, receiving a very cool skull mask, getting another wristband - the ticket - to get in, we all finally start filing into the club. Earlier on, the band had driven up in a red van and caused quite a stir as girls ran and screamed toward them. There was probably a 65/35 split for women and men. I had heard earlier this morning that there were 4 girls who had driven all the way from Alburquerque, New Mexico and had been waiting since 3am. That's nuts.

After using the facilities, I did manage to get a great spot in the tiny Axis venue, actually the exact spot I had during the AAR show, so directly center stage and elevated. The opening band, Envy on the Coast had a couple good songs, but the most interesting thing that happened, was that during their performance, there were about 4 or 5 girls, probably not much taller than me, that started their own mosh pit (!). It was rather impressive, considering the make-up of the crowd. The guys around them were much taller and bigger, and they kinda just stood there, either enjoying the crazy chaos or laughing at them.

MCR finally came out around 7:45pm, and the crowd went wild when the black curtain revealed the band. Gerard, the lead singer, has great showmanship and really played to the crowd. Shave his head, and he's a spitting image of Billy Corgan, though not quite as tall. It's quite bizarre...they have somewhat similar sounding vocals. (When IS the new Smashing Pumpkins' album coming out?)

Photo by laurenomally815 -

The crowd was VERY into the music, so much so that there was constant singing along, moshing, and body surfing for every song. One woman, or should I say girl, had to be taken outside, either from being squooshed, heat exhaustion or just being enamored with the band.

Here is their setlist, as I can remember, in no particular order. I may be missing one or two songs:

Cemetery Drive
Give 'em Hell Kid
Our Lady of Sorrows
You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
Thank You For The Venom
House of Wolves
Famous Last Words
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
Welcome to the Black Parade


When leaving, I looked at my watch, and it was 9:05pm. This was after getting a shirt and getting my things in coat check. The show was very high energy and definitely wished it was longer - although I probably wouldn't know the extra songs. They didn't perform "The Ghost of You" which is one of the few songs that has gotten airplay. video by jamesinclair

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