Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hasty Pudding Pop, er, WOY

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A day after one of the worst weather conditions we've had in Boston - a nice early snowfall, followed by freezing rain/ice and then just rain, all accompanied with strong gusts of wind - the weather was gorgeous (except for the bitter cold and the streets and sidewalks were covered in thick sheets of ice) and in good timing, as it was the day of the annual Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year Parade in Harvard Square. The honoree was none other than Ms. Scarlett Johanssen, who looked flawless in her escorted Bentley. The parade route is super short, starting at the Inn at Harvard Square and ending at the Harvard Square T station.

I had a nice spot in the sun, but as the car slowly crept up the street, the press was all over the car.

So I did my thing and got the traditional kiss on the cheeks shot just after a man's head and camera moved out of my view.

Poor Miss Massachusetts. She got no love as the press was all over Scarlett, but she happily posed for me. After this, I decided to follow the Bentley down the parade route, and I pretty much stayed within 5 feet of her for most of the parade. It just sucked being consistently shoved in the back or on the side.

Nice earrings

Love the headgear...

and the dresses...

A stuffed animal, specifically a pig, was over thrown to her as it landed behind the car. She held on to it the rest of the parade. As we passed one of the Harvard gates, the crowd definitely got more lively, shouting "I LOVE YOU SCARLETT!!" I'm thinking...those Harvard boys.

This photo was taken near the end of the parade, because I remember the smelly guy behind me who was pushing pretty hard when she got out of the car and into a limo that took her to the Agassiz Theatre. See if you can spot me...

Photo by the Harvard News Office

An "abandoned" Bentley

Here I am:

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Who is the mystery photog in the last picture? She has an aura of intrigue!