Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Superbowl 2007

It was another fun and crazy Superbowl at the Tull's.

Thanks to everyone who came over and for bringing their money and treats. I was very disappointed that even though I unwrapped Jess's rice krispy treats for everyone to enjoy, I did not get a chance to have one myself. I recovered very quickly though upon discovering an unopened bag of dark chocolate covered pretzels...who brought them? Whoever it was, thank you for filling my chocolate void for the next couple days. Rafa's "homemade" pelotas del queso were tasty and enthusiastically distributed. (Thanks for the surprise in the freezer.) Diebold and Hobie's guacamole was mouth tingling and delicious. Didn't try it with the spicy nachos, courtesy of Sabrina. We served our "homemade" buffalo and tequila lime wings, which Hobie quite appreciated from last year, so we brought them back again, and the obligatory pizza. Frosted beer mugs and glasses were used by most (Geoff unwittingly went for the Harvard gold rim glass, left abandoned on the shelf by the ones sitting pretty in the freezer). The beer ball lasted the night, with just one serving remaining at the end.

With the pouring rain, the game definitely had some surprises, but not enough for those vying for the pool winnings, such as getting a touchdown but missing the point after touchdown - which was strongly pushed for in the 4th quarter by some [Rafa]. Brie would dominate the first half, winning both quarters, and became the focus of beer drinking peer pressure the rest of the night. She did doze off only to be later inadvertently woken up by a flying football, aimed for Geoff, who was dubbed the lucky charm. Hobie, who happens to have been the culprit, wins the 3rd quarter for the second year in a row. The Bears final possession of running the ball on 4th down instead of going for the field goal kept the score in the same corner it's been all night, with Jess clinching the final pot.

Commercials were not on my radar this year, catching just one early on that really stuck: careerbuilder.com with people running off a cliff, and the K-Fed one which I had read about. Prince's half time performance was not without comments: his Aunt Jemima hair accessory, the appearance that he and his dancers seemed impervious to the downpour, his random Foo Fighters cover, and his well- (or ill-) positioned symbol-shaped guitar for his shadow-cast silhouette.

Game Summary:
1st Quarter $20 - Sabrina
14:46 0-7 CHI TD IND kicked off, Devin Hester returned kickoff for 92 yards (Robbie Gould made PAT)
6:50 6-7 IND TD Peyton Manning passed to Reggie Wayne down the middle for 53 yard gain (2pt attempt failed, Player run up the middle)
4:34 6-14 CHI TD Rex Grossman passed to Muhsin Muhammad to the right for 4 yard gain (Robbie Gould made PAT)

2nd Quarter $20 - Sabrina
11:17 9-14 IND FG Adam Vinatieri kicked a 29-yard field goal
6:09 16 - 14 IND TD Dominic Rhodes rushed to the right for 1 yard gain (Adam Vinatieri made PAT)

3rd Quarter $20 - Hobie
7:26 19 - 14 IND FG Adam Vinatieri kicked a 24-yard field goal
3:16 22 - 14 IND FG Adam Vinatieri kicked a 20-yard field goal
1:14 22 - 17 CHI FG Robbie Gould kicked a 44-yard field goal

4th Quarter $40 - Jessica
11:44 29 - 17 IND TD Kelvin Hayden intercepted Rex Grossman for 56 yards (Adam Vinatieri made PAT)

After the game, we bade farewell to Birge, Jess, Rafa and Simone. Not wanting to watch the post-game show, I turned on some high-def Jarhead on HBO, during which we played a movie game, where one person names a movie, the next one names an actor in that movie, the next one a movie that actor has been in, and repeat until one is left standing. Elimination occurs if you can't think of one or when challenged, you can't provide an answer the challenger couldn't.

Final result: Two rounds, one winner for both. [Granted, I did have two small "typos" that no one challenged]:

The Departed - Leonardo DiCaprio - Titanic - Ioan GRuffudd (Pronounced YO-an GRIFF-ith)/Fantastic Four - Jessica Alba - Sin City - Enriquez/Benicio del Toro (oh Brian...)

Harry Potter 2 - Maggie Smith (not White) - Clash of the Titans

One of the winning threads, maybe?:
Gladiator - Joaquin Phoenix - Walk the Line - Reese Witherspoon/Election - Matthew Broderick - Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Jennifer Grey - Dirty Dancing - Patrick Swayze - Donnie Darko - Jake Gyllenhaal - October Sky/Laura Dern

Good times.

Guests: Diebold, Hobie, Rico, Geoff, Sabrina, Rafa, Simone, Birge, Jess, Jackie

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