Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy 30th Rafa!

Saturday, April 21st, 2007: Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, MA

Fun times were had last night. Although I missed the free salsa class, I did manage to learn how to merengue, learn some new cha cha moves, and feel like a stumbling bumbling dancer while doing so...there were definitely some pro-ish dancers there last night, which made it entertaining to watch as well as somewhat intimidating to be on the dance floor, but we just kept to one corner and did our thing.

Birthday boy

Big Red always makes an entrance...

Debuting my long crazy unstraightened wavy hair in public...


times two...Maria where are you?!

oh there she is, sort of...Jon hold on to her

Rafa teaches me how to salsa...

Rafa doing...break dancing?

Love Simone's red dance shoes

...and then the battery died. oh the night was still young when I had to catch the last bus, or rather buses back home.

Happy Birthday Rafael!

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