Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kaiser Chiefs Annuals Walkmen

Monday, April 9th 2007: Avalon, Boston

I am on a concert frenzy!

Opening acts: The Annuals (quite good), The Walkmen

and then the Kaiser Chiefs!

I only knew just a couple songs of theirs, but I enjoyed the concert nonetheless. The music sounded great live, maybe even better than the recordings. Their drummer was rather amazing and had quite the stage presence. I loved how they had a fan blowing on him the entire time for that windswept hair look, although flowing towards his face.

Their frontman Ricky Wilson seemed a tad billigerent and insane, and he really wanted the crowd to go nuts. He even surfed the crowd to get to the bar, requesting a drink - was it a rum and coke?...

The crowd went crazy during "I Predict a Riot", and it was quite awesome being surrounded by that kind of energy.

Possible Setlist:

Na Na Na Na Naa
Everyday I Love You Less and Less
Heat Dies Down
Thank You Very Much
I Can Do It Without You
Modern Way
Everything is Average Nowadays
I Predict a Riot
Take My Temperature

The Angry Mob
Oh My God

"...ruby ruby ruby ruby...ah ah ah ah ah ah..."

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