Monday, August 20, 2007

Erica & Brian's Wedding - Brian Sullivan, that is

Saturday, August 18th 2007: Long Island, NY

Just a small sample of photos from Erica and Brian's wedding day:

A fashionable lunch at McDonald's. Would have preferred Wendy's but we passed it on the other side of the road.

Thank you for clogging our arteries, that is...

At the church we reunite with friends and relatives. Congrats Kim & Dan on your engagement!

Dad as a principle sponsor.

Beautiful Erica and Ninong Manny. How many tiles are on the ceiling again?

Haidee and Robbie

En route to the Bourne Mansion, where the reception was held.

Driveway to the mansion, I'm thinking My Best Friend's Wedding and fireworks lining the driveway when the Dermot Mulroney and Cameron Diaz leave at the end of the movie...

Annette, Erica & Brian

Gorgeous views in the back, where they had a nice spread of lobsters and oysters.

First dance and proud parents, Ninang Didi & Ninong Manny

Brian, me, Tom, Anna Rae, Hoong-San, Elmer, Jen and Noel

The dancing baby...

SO CUTE!!! Old photos of Haidee, Kim and Erica...and Annette

Enjoying the chocolate fountain, Mom & Ninong Rony

Tita Julie with future son-in-law

Congratulations, Erica & Brian!

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King Dork said...

Is this Brian Sullivan of the former band Lung Mustard?

If so how the hell are you :)