Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pre-Season Football

Monday, August 13th 2007:

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Baltimore Ravens pre-season game at the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore - my very first pro-football game

Brian and I had quite a difficult time getting to the stadium as we tried to avoid traffic going into the city. We actually ended up pulling a Little Miss Sunshine where we are so close to our destination, yet drive by it with no direct way to get to it. We essentially circled the stadium once, ended up on the highway driving back to DC, and made a u-turn before finding the right road to get to some cheap and close parking.

We walked in in the middle of the second quarter. Doh!!

Brian's dad got seats in the lower end zone, section 109, row 35, seats 13-18. They got to the stadium nice and early. I was donning my long curly hair, but in the rush of everything and it was hot, I had to tie my locks up.

All the seats in the stadium were purple, which looked kinda cool.

They were great seats, but they would have actually been better if the Eagles' drives would have lasted longer than just a few minutes each time they ran towards us.

View from the front of our section, and Andy Reid amongst his team:

Donovan McNabb sits out this game.
The team essentially has to cut its roster in half, weedling out the worst players before the season starts, so we, or more specifically Cliff and Brian, pretty much yelled at the players whenever they played badly, which was quite often, and say stuff like, "You're cut!" or "See ya!" It was very entertaining and sad at the same time. Wish we had moments to stand up and cheer rather than jeer, since we were surrounded with Ravens fans. It was nice to see we weren't the only Eagles fans there, as there were spots of green and white here and there.

Sarah and Mike carrying our large drinks, chicken fingers/popcorn shrimp and hot dogs, while the Raven cheerleaders do their thing.

Sack anyone?

This is essentially what the whole night was like, with just a couple promising plays.

The final score: 29-3
Ravens crush the Eagles

It was rather amusing whenever the Ravens got a first down. There was a Native American type chant/sound that Brian and Cliff ragged on since it didn't seem to make any sense, but in actuallity, it was the sound of the chain link of the 10-yard tape measure moving. Still, with the sound and arms gestures, it still looked ridiculous.

Great couples think alike, or at least are consistent...

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