Sunday, October 21, 2007

Haunted Hayride

Saturday, October 20th 2007:

To continue our Halloween-themed weekend, we joined Elmer and his co-workers at the Tomahawk Lake Haunted Hayride in Sparta, New Jersey.

We bought tickets for the 8:30pm ride, but we didn't actually get to the wagon until around 9:30pm due to the extremely long line. Unknowingly, Abegail and Ariel had already gotten in line before us, since we hadn't met previously. The rest of the group arrived around 8:45pm, and we thought it would be alright for them to join us in line, but one woman made a big fuss about it, so we all went to back to the end of the line. Turns out that that woman and her family couldn't fit in the wagon before us and ended up in our wagon.

I was ready to get spooked, but since Brian and I ended up in the center, and not on the sides of the wagon, we couldn't get the full effect. But it was rather fun and amusing nonetheless. Jocelyn was quite happy in the center, not being a huge fan of all things scary. She even had her iPod on.

We couldn't take any photos with flash on the ride, and since it was pretty much darkness out there, taking non-flash photos was useless. BUT, check out the video below - no I didn't videotape the entire 30-minute ride, and it most certainly isn't visually stimulating. It's just geared for those who went on the ride that night.

Overall, I thought that the ride was done rather well, especially located in the middle of nowhere and near a lake. But they could have used more scary folk, like instead of just one or two "attacking", they could have had 5-10 people attacking all sides. That would have been pretty scary. I really felt bad for the young kids on board who just couldn't handle it. The one nearest to me had his head buried in his hands most of the time and ended up crying. His father was SO annoying - you can hear him on the video.

After the ride, we were treated to a complimentary donut and apple cider. To Brian's disappointment, the cider wasn't warm, but the donut was yummy. Ariel actually went back and swiped another one.

Since I woke up super early for the expo, we decided to head back home instead of joining the group at a diner that had karaoke - sounded like tons of fun. Hunger sneaking up on us, we went to a 24-hour diner in Fort Lee called The Plaza around midnight, where we had some delicious breakfast food. Brian had a short stack with overeasy eggs, while I had some thick French toast with overeasy eggs. While the French toast was tasty, they didn't have confectioner's sugar sprinkled on them. Our waitress was nice, having worked at the diner for 30 years.

I thought this was amusing. It was on our paper placemats:

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