Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hot Hot Heat is pretty cool

Monday, October 15th 2007:

Our first concert trip to Baltimore. Hot Hot Heat, along with Bedouin Soundclash and De Novo Dahl performed at the Rams Head Live! venue, which is actually much better than the 9:30club in DC. Loved how the stage is much higher, so even those in the back can get a great view, and there's a long curvy balcony for those who don't like the main floor, although it wasn't open tonight since the crowd wasn't that huge. That was nice since it left us with options on where to stand.

After a bit of a spasm while trying to find Brian at the Burtonsville Crossing bus stop, I find out that the doors open at 7pm not 6 (I probably got the concert on Saturday mixed up with this one), so that meant we could grab a bite to eat beforehand which was perfect since we were both rather hungry. Luckily, Rams Head Live! is located right on restaurant row, near the public parking garage, so we could have a pick of places. But several were closed, as it seemed they were only open Wednesday through Saturday. It was quite the performance area - must be fun during the summer, for there looked like another concert stage was just across from the venue as well as chairs and tables outside, all in this little nook. What better place could we go to other than the Rams Head Tavern, which is affiliated and adjacent to the concert venue. There were tables outside, and not too many people, so we definitely got there early. We could pick out right away who was going to the concert.

I got the Chesapeake Cream of Crab Soup to start, and then one of the specials for the night, "Some More Heat" (themed around the concert, another special was called "Hot Hot Heat"), a yellowfin tuna wrap. Brian got the turkey burger along with a C126 Light beer. Could not eat the other half of the wrap, so I got a take out box, put it in my bag, and soon found out that I couldn't take it in with me. Awesome. We took a short trek back to the car and left it inside.

Once inside, there was clearly no need to get there early, for the main floor space was practically empty except for maybe 10 or so people lined up near the stage, a couple people sitting near the sound booth, and some people hanging out at the bar.

De Novo Dahl starts their set around 8pm. Dressed in rather funky suits, they hailed from Nashville, Tennessee. Initially their music didn't quite match what their outfits implied, but by the end, there were some good vibes. I was expecting a bit of a Scissor Sisters feel or some retro 70's. They were quite the newbies, with the bass player commenting on how awesome a crowd we were, better than the crowd in Philly, and then ended with something you would say as if you're ending a phone call. I thought it was cute.

Bedouin Soundclash - great reggae sound, quite a pleasant surprise considering I never would have thought that was their genre

I was quite trigger happy since I made my way to the second row...

Setlist not in order, minus ~2 songs:
Let Me In (opening)
Harmonicas & Tambourines
Talk To Me, Dance With Me
5 Times Out of 100
Dirty Mouth
Middle of Nowhere
Give Up?
Happiness Ltd.
No, Not Now
Goodnight, Goodnight (encore)

Great energy! Everyone around me was loving the performance, and I would look back to see that the venue was not packed. It was a fantastic treat seeing these guys perform, aside from the excessive sweating on stage and the smoking from the audience.

heh heh, remember that sweating reference?

Rock on!

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