Monday, February 11, 2008

why connect i cut?, you ask...

After a brief but enjoyable stay in the DC area, we have planted ourselves in the insurance capital of the world - Hartford, CT, or well, at least West Hartford, Connecticut's soon-to-be very own version of Bethesda.

And here's why, as told by Brian:

"Yes, we are returning to New England. I know you're probably thinking, what the deuce? Can't these people just pick a place to live. Well, we're working on it.

I'll try to give you the short version. We're leaving because my job has just been [getting worse] each month. The funded project that I was supposed to work on was canceled right before I started and work never really picked up. After a few months I found a way to make myself useful on a few projects, but then their funding was postponed for several months. So pretty much ever since late November I have had absolutely no work to do. It really only takes 1 day of sitting there with nothing to do, before you want to shoot yourself. I've had about 2 months of that. Several things happened as a result. I think I got some insight into how the place I was at works. It is a very tough place to be when there is no work, everyone is very territorial about the work they do, and also since materials engineering is pretty new in the department, no one really knew what they were supposed to do, including the managers. I really just would rather go some place that I could be useful right away.

The other result was that I had a lot of time to basically look for jobs all day long. I looked a lot around here, and wasn't finding much. I had an offer from a small company that would do work at Goddard Space Flight Center, but I didn't like the fact that I would be a contractor. I started looking everywhere in the country. And one night decided to check the listings at my old company. There was a position that read exactly like what I did before, so I emailed my old boss, and indeed he said the job is in his group. The project would be supporting the next generation shuttle, called Orion. They are on the contract with Lockheed. I interviewed in December, the day we left for the Philippines. A few days after we got back, I got an offer, which was a raise over my current job (this was something I was really worried about as the cost of living in northern CT is so much cheaper than DC area and I was thinking they would try to low ball me).

Still it was tough to decide to do this. We just got here, CT is not like DC. A lot less culture, no big city. Needless to say, Ruby needed some convincing, but after a few days she was all for it. We decided that there are a lot of good things about it. We would be close to NYC and Boston. We found a place to stay in West Hartford, which is really close to the job, and has a nice downtown area with shops, restaurants, bars, and a movie theater. And the rent is much cheaper than DC, which will give us an opportunity to really save up for the future.

So that's pretty much that."

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