Monday, February 07, 2011

Okemo, here we come!

Friday, February 4th 2011:

We actually get to leave earlier than we planned to due homemade soup. Yup, too much garlic causes Brian to have a rather uncomfortable sleepless night, so he doesn't feel well enough to head to work. We leave around 2pm, nice and early for a Friday, I guess, but we probably took the worst way to drive up north - 95 to 91, hitting New York traffic, some Bridgeport traffic, avoided New Haven traffic by taking the Merritt, which had some slow downs as well, then hit some Hartford traffic, some Springfield traffic before deciding to grab some eats and a much needed bathroom break at Friendly's around 5:30pm in Holyoke, MA. Yup, three and a half hours later, we're hitting rush hour traffic...yuck. But thank goodness we stopped where we did for we hit awful traffic when we reached Northampton not much later, and it would have been a nightmare for our bladders...phew!

It was kind of amazing, definitely a cause for traffic, but huge flocks of birds were dancing above us near Springfield, creating beautiful patterns in the sky. It was like they were performing for all the commuters on 91, for everyone slowed down to admire the show.

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