Thursday, February 10, 2011


Wednesday, February 9th 2011:

Highline Ballroom - the smallest venue we've been to so far in NYC

I knew there would be three opening bands for Hellogoodbye, so we didn't rush dinner...we missed out on Now, Now Every Children and You, Me and Everyone We Know (don't quiet know what type of music we missed out on, but I guess I'll look them up and take a listen...) but I'm certainly glad we got there in time to hear Gold Motel, such happy, boppy-type, summertime music. Definitely a good sound to brighten your day, especially with the winter we're having...seems just only this past week that we've seen the sun more often than every four days.

After the set, I went to the merch table (why do they only sell men sizes??!) and the shirt I wanted was only in large, two left, so I settled for another, plus a CD. At the end of the night, I complimented the lead singer, Greta Morgan, on a great set...if only I had a sharpie on me, I would have asked her to sign my CD. When onstage from a distance, Greta looked like Amy Adams...

So, this would be our third time seeing Hellogoodbye, but just finding out about the show last week didn't give us enough time to listen to the new album that dropped in November. I love their banter and stage presence - you know they're having fun no matter what's going on in the audience. The lead singer, Forrest Klein, calls out his fellow bandmates that are "better" looking than him and jokes that they have to go...while his not quite as good looking band mate could stay. I thought that the bass player seemed full of himself (he was one of the "better" looking ones) and during most of the songs would have his back to the audience and face the amp instead - that was rather annoying. I prefer to see musicians just rock out and show off their skills...

Compared to their show at Avalon, this crowd just didn't seem that into it, aside from a couple of enthusiastic fans near us - this one burly guy went nuts the whole time, and called Forrest's name out loud, and Forrest is like, "how do you know my name?" I wish everyone had the same enthusiasm as burly guy...he's in the video below with his hands up...

1. Finding Something To Do
2. Would It Kill You
3. Getting Old
4. Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn
5. When We First Kissed
6. Baby Its Fact
7. You Sleep Alone
8. Coppertone
9. Dear Jamie...Sincerely Me
10. When We First Met
11. Something You Misplaced

12. The Thoughts That Give Me The Creeps
13. Here In Your Arms

If it was due to my recording "Here in Your Arms" or standing on a step stool or being surrounded by dead fish, I wish I didn't hold back my urge to dance freely since it's such a fun song...

they are so silly - love their enthusiasm and how they mixed in "Digital Love" by Daft Punk...awesome!

when Forrest says "Calm down!" he was either making fun of the non-craziness going on or he had a totally different pov of the audience than I did...

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