Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Killers - Live on Letterman (Finally!)

Remember that show we went to about a month ago?  Well, they FINALLY put the videos online!

You can catch glimpses of Brian (he seems to stand out more than I), and myself occasionally...but watch The Killers' performance of "Human" and around 1:50 (clip) or 32:19 (full show) you'll get a good look at us.

I had commented on how lame the audience was, and I'm thinking the reason we even got a close up was that we were the only ones showing signs of life and having fun in the area we were in.  Pause the video, and you'll see the bored-looking folks around us.  The only pearly whites you see are Brian's, the girl's on my right, and mine.

Full show:

link to The Killers performance via Live on Letterman

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