Saturday, September 22, 2012

The magic continues...

On Monday, September 17th, I got the following email message:

"Congratulations! You have won yourself a ticket, as well as a +1 to see
The Killers on "Live on Letterman" this WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th."

Can't believe 2 nights in a row in the same city!!  Pretty cool especially since we've never seen them in the same venue twice.

This one takes place at the Ed Sullivan Theater and yet again is being recorded for a live webcast - crazy!

So after picking up the free tickets at the CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th Street, I head over to the theater... there wasn't a line yet, but the same people I saw getting tickets at the center were milling about.  Then after some arrangement of the cords, the line officially forms.  Thinking that they would actually be the first let in the theater, I thought about the seating and waited before getting on line.  After about 10 or so people, I get on line, and coincidentally enough, behind the same girl who was in front of us on line at the Paradise show (!) What a coincidence!  I looked at my watch, and it was 6:06pm.

Another 2 or so hour wait before heading into the theater as it was a 9pm show (remember what I said about getting paid to wait...)

It was fun chatting with Isalina and finding out about her waiting and meeting the band the night before -- she was just one of six people who waited in the awful and rainy weather which means no huge crowd for the band to meet and greet, the perfect opp.

Brian arrived around 7pm, and I must say that waiting in line this time was much better since the weather was gorgeous, and the people around us were in good spirits and nice to meet.  We learned about these super fans that have seen the band 60+ times (!!!) -- what?!!  The one who was around our age had seen something in the range of the low twenties while an older woman with 6 grandchildren had seen about 37 or 38 of their shows.  Crazy!!

In any case, we see another long line form directly across from us, and apparently this extremely long line is the VIP line that enters the theater before us -- what?!!  Seems like an endless stream of at least 300 people... We all felt completely frustrated, and myself, thinking that we'd be the first in the theater, waiting for people to line up before me, how ridiculous...

It was about 8:45pm when we were finally allowed in the theater, only to encounter this mess of a line ahead of us -- zero crowd control meant that people pushed up wherever they could find space.

What a disaster, and not only that, the photo was taken at 8:57pm, meaning the 9pm start was either going to happen with us in the lobby (there were tv's in the room) or it would be delayed -- wasn't this supposed to be streamed live online?

So, we FINALLY get let into the theater, with only one door of a two door entrance opened, and it was a free for all.  Whatever seats were open, we made a bee-line towards.  There were entire rows empty that were reserved for DB VIPs.  Brian and I were able to find seats, but unfortunately Isalina and the others ended up elsewhere as the people in the row we picked moved down occupying the seconds-ago empty seats, but I threw my bag onto one of the empty ones before they reached it.

The show didn't start until 9:32pm:

Even though the venue was more intimate than the night before at the Paradise Theater, we were actually farther from the stage this time.  Their performance was awesome, but the audience completely sucked.  A bunch of lame asses that weren't big fans and didn't know most of the songs -- just kills me that they don't get the unbridled enthusiasm they deserve.

Because the setlist was similar to the night before, I'm not entirely sure if this is accurate or even in the right order.  They played for just under an hour.

Somebody Told Me
Smile Like You Mean It
Flesh and Bone
For Reasons Unknown
Miss Atomic Bomb
Here With Me
A Dustland Fairytale
Read My Mind
Mr. Brightside
When You Were Young


Even though the whole fan-celebrity meetings tend to be tinged with awkwardness,
I'm glad I took this nice and rare opportunity:

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