Tuesday, June 05, 2007

101 Chester - before, during and after the movers

Monday, June 4th 2007

Just a small peek into our moving day, which went from around 9:30am - 4:30pm, and consisted of 3 guys - one of which was total sketch, and I'm sure broke a few things. Not the best weather outside either - consistent rain, sometimes hard, until the last few boxes left the apartment.

Posted in front of the house, taken Friday, June 1st, a nice sunny day.

Brian resting in the corner, as I pull an all-nighter organizing and wrapping VII's (very important items). We weren't allowed to pack anything, so what you see above is what the movers saw in this one room. Crikey!

After some packing, the movers head out for a lunch break.

This is what the room looked like before I took things down and got things ready for packing.

Brian and I both crashed on the couch as the movers packed everything. It was a bit uncomfortable not being able to help as well as having strangers go through all your stuff while you just sat there. Also, earlier on, we didn't have any music playing so it was awkward with no one talking. I certainly wasn't in the mood to be chatty, but later after I got some half shut-eye (I couldn't really rest with these guys going through everything - I probably got a total of 40 minutes), music was turned on.

While the movers moved, I worked on a slideshow after eating some finger ling ling good chicken. Really not the best choice for lunch, but it sure was tasty.

The truck driving away with our belongings...goodbye and hope to see you in a week!

What our new living room will be for the next few days:

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