Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First Days in Our New Neighborhood

Monday, June 11th 2007: Getting to Bethesda, our new neighborhood

What a crazy week it's been! Wish our last couple weeks in Boston would have gone much differently, less hectic and less running around. All of a sudden, we're driving down to Bethesda. May just went by too fast and the one week in June even faster. But here we are, driving Brian's parents' Buick, packed with random things that didn't go with the movers nor were left with my parents, down to Maryland. Nice, gorgeous day.

We were expecting the movers to arrive today, so we tried to leave early, but we got to our apartment around 11am, which I thought would be late since movers would probably arrive before 10am. Sharon, the building manager, goes over the lease and particulars. But before signing anything, we go back up to the apartment to make sure everything's in order since we got a huge rent deduction. I was quite surprised and opted to not say anything. Awesome - more money towards paying off loans and expenses.

Geez, after packing all our crap and knowing what we have (and had), the new apartment looked rather small. Moving from a 5-room apartment to a 3-room can do that I guess. But it was good to finally be at our new place.

After signing a bunch of papers, we head on up and bring what was in the car. Turns out that due to some mix-up, the movers would not be showing up until the following day. That was rather disheartening, because I had a job the next day. But it did give us a chance to relax as well as go and buy the components for my new workstation. The Buick did end up being pretty handy in this department, with all the components just barely fitting inside. Again, we miss out on eating at one of the 140 (?) restaurants in our area and instead eat at Bertucci's in the mall, waiting for the furniture to be picked up.

Good thing we brought our swimsuits with us...

Tuesday, June 12th 2007: We are reunited with our things

Again, like in Boston, there were 3 movers - one who was just slightly sketch. He had a very distinctive long pinky nail, not leaving the best of impressions with me, but oddly enough, he wasn't as sketchy as the one in Boston. There were a few casualties, mainly the glass in a few frames (one of which I think I heard them break when they were packing in Boston), but luckily nothing was missing except for our supply of folding umbrellas - maybe we somehow left them at one of our parents' places?

We ended up getting some Domino's pizza for lunch (we can't seem to eat well whenever moving's involved - at least it's not as fatty as KFC).

The boxes just kept on coming, and soon our living area was packed. I wanted them to be done already so that I could unpack a little, rest a little, and then head off to the assignment in downtown DC. It was pure luck that I could steal some wireless internet in the building, because it hadn't been working earlier, and I needed to get the directions to the assignment. Having no printer, I had to write everything by hand, both going to and coming from. I definitely did not get as much rest as I would have liked.

It was rather nice and sunny out earlier in the day, but when I had to drive downtown, the clouds rolled in, dark and gray, and next thing I knew it was downpouring. Luckily though, it had let up a little bit when I finally arrived at the venue. Talk about wrecked nerves - driving in a new city and getting lost/making the wrong turn a couple times. Thank goodness I had a street map of the DC area with me. Otherwise I would have gotten there very late, which would be pretty bad for making a first impression in a new city.

Needless to say, I was pretty exhausted at the end. I could not wait to get back home, home to Brian, a plethora of boxes, and some leftover Domino's.

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