Friday, June 08, 2007

Harvard Commencement, among other things...

Wednesday, June 6th 2007:

Family comes up for the big day tomorrow.

Dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Zaftigs in Coolidge Corner. Such tasty food and healthy portions - and when I mean healthy, I mean large and yummy.

Not having enough tickets for the yard nor the actual diploma ceremony, we had to plan our attack for tomorrow.

Leaving a little goodbye present at the lab. We get back to our apartment around 11:30pm, and seriously need to get some rest, for the day ahead is going to be early and long.

Thursday, June 7th 2007:

With the gates opening at 6:45am, we roll out of bed at around 5:45am, picking up the Tulls at their hotel at 6:30am. Brian is quite awake and mobile, all ready to let the day begin.

Photos in Harvard Square before separating and finding seats, while Brian and my folks head to the GSAS breakfast. When entering the gates, the security checked our bags but didn't take nor do anything to our green Tercentenary Theatre tickets. Marge made this keen observation, and I borrowed two tickets and headed out to get my parents into the yard - getting some munchies in the process.

And the march begins - with just a toll of the Memorial Church bell, the graduates with the highest degree enter with not much pomp and circumstance. Quite the anti-climatic entrance. The entire procession takes over an hour to finish before the ceremony actually begins.

View from Brian's seat and whereever Dad was positioned at this point.

I couldn't sit in one spot, so I made my way closer and closer to the stage and found where Brian sat.

Through my urging, Brian stood up during the undergraduates' conferring of degrees. Rishi, one of Brian's former labmates, is standing just behind and to the right of Brian.

Quite the large sea of graduates: 6,871 total

John Kerry and Larry Summers

Honorary Degree recipients: Bill Gates, Larry Summers, and William Felton ‘Bill’ Russell

GSAS Diploma Ceremony in Sanders Theatre

If you listen very carefully to the first few seconds of this clip, you can hear me yell "Yeaah, Brian!"

The next Harry Potters...handless Harry Potters

Going a little crazy with the tail?

One more goodbye before we go...

Brian's soon-to-be vacant desk

The obligatory John Harvard photo

5:00pm dinner at The Red House - we get first dibs on a table, which worked out quite nicely since the room eventually became packed with grads and families. Practically running on empty, I was definitely struggling to stay awake and ignore the aches my body was feeling. But it certainly was a delicious 3-hour dinner. Then we headed back to the COOP to return Brian's wizarding attire.

We stumble upon 3 wild and crazy guys as we head back to the parking garage. We ran into them just a couple weeks ago when Shiala and Joey visited.

What a LONG day, everyone was exhausted and easily fell asleep around 10pm - and I eventually went to sleep after organizing all my crap for the big move out the next day.

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