Friday, December 19, 2008

Are you kidding?

I just found out about this phenomenal concert that happened this past Sunday, December 14th at the Gibson Amphitheatre -

How in the world did they manage to gather that amount of talent in one place for one day?!!

What a line-up!!!! Five of the eight bands are on my favorites list ( The Cure + The Killers - I mean, talk about a long-time favorite plus my present-day favorite! and DCFC, SP and Vampire Weekend, who have the best album of the year?!!), with Paramore, Franz Ferdinand, and Scott Weiland not being counted due to knowing just a handful of songs from each of them (although Franz Ferdinand ranks pretty high in general just purely on sound of the few songs I do know).

I'm stunned.

I didn't read any reviews or how long each band played, but that must have been beyond amazing.

Those lucky LA'ers...

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Colors.