Monday, December 08, 2008

Vampire Weekend - Take 2

Saturday, December 6th 2008:

After a slightly late start (as usual), we make our way to down to NYC and meet up with the cousins at Jing Fong for some yummy dim sum. Brian and I had to find parking and unfortunately, the spot we found was a 1-hour spot, so we had to keep an eye on the clock as we weren't about to get a parking ticket.

The place is HUGE! so of course it's pretty loud, and my ears kept straining to hear everyone's stories of Brazil and such. Haidee and Michael had quite an announcement as she was also caught off guard by the whole thing. Congratulations!!

Walking back to the car, men were dismantling scaffolding that was right next to our car - yikes! So Brian rushed to get our car safely out of harms way.

Off we go to SoHo where we do some browsing at Lucky and then stop off at MarieBelle for some $9 (!!) hot chocolate. Yowsah! It certainly was the best hot chocolate I've had, but wow, that's pricey.

ahh...wish we were back in Ipanema

we head uptown and park near Columbus Circle within walking distance of Terminal 5, where the concert will be. We stop off at Time Warner Center for some gift shopping, bad wrapping and missed tipping (think Seinfeld).

We give our wishes to David who heads back downtown as we take a crosstown bus to...cross town, then head to Henri Bendel and Barneys (need we say Elmer & Hoong-San are with us?)

Up in the shoe department, I have a little "fun" with the shoes, fun I say, as afterwards, my feet were a bit achy.

I'd never trade my comfy birks for 4+ inch heels. After I took the blue suede ankle boots (left) off, I looked at the price tag and my jaw dropped. Those boots, which happen to be Christian Louboutin, who I just looked up on the web with google search "red soles shoes" since I know close to nothing on high end materialism, cost $1,215 (!!!!).

Heading back on our third and final trip to the car, as we cross Fifth Avenue, I spot Amy Adams, standing at the corner we're walking towards, about to cross 59th Street. Ooh, I was so tempted to say hi, and just as the opportune moment came, I hesitated and then it was gone. It would have been an ideal approach as there was no one around, so no mob scene. She ended up going to The Plaza.

Sunday, December 7th 2008:

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